The parent company of U-Haul, North America's largest “do-it-yourself” moving and storage operator, AMERCO Real Estate Company, RepWest and Oxford Life Insurance Company.

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

  • Edward J. Shoen, Chairman
  • James E. Acridge
  • Charles J. Bayer
  • John P. Brogan
  • John M. Dodds
  • Michael L. Gallagher
  • Daniel R. Mullen
  • Samuel J. Shoen

Committees of the AMERCO Board of Directors

Audit Committee

  • Charles J. Bayer
  • John P. Brogan
  • John M. Dodds
  • Daniel R. Mullen

Executive Finance Committee

  • Charles J. Bayer
  • John P. Brogan
  • Edward J. Shoen

Compensation Committee

  • John P. Brogan
  • John M. Dodds

Independent Governance Committee

  • Paul A. Bible*
  • Michael L. Gallagher
  • Thomas W. Hayes*


Edward J. Shoen

Chairman and President of AMERCO, Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of U-Haul

Jason A. Berg

Principal Accounting Officer of AMERCO

Laurence J. De Respino

General Counsel of AMERCO

Mark A. Haydukovich

President of Oxford Life Insurance Company

Gary B. Horton

Treasurer of AMERCO and U-Haul

James P. Shoen

Vice President of U-Haul Business Consultants

Doug Bell

President of RepWest

John C. Taylor

President of U-Haul

Carlos Vizcarra

President of Amerco Real Estate Company

Rocky D. Wardrip

Assistant Treasurer of AMERCO